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Comparing Greek and Roman Women

Quiz by Juliann Boumelhem

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    What type of duties did Athenian women do?
    Eating duties
    Domestic duties
    They didn’t have any duties
    Cleaning duties
  • Q2
    Why were Spartan women encouraged to live healthy lives?
    Women were producers of warriors, therefore they were encouraged to br healthy so that their children would be healthy
  • Q3
    Who belonged to the class of their fathers or husbands?
  • Q4
    Name the social classes
    Plebeians, patrician and equestrian
  • Q5
    What was a dowry and what type of women had one?
    Athenian women received a dowry to supported them during their lifetime as it gave them influence in the household and could also be retained during divorces
  • Q6
    Name some things that Roman women were allowed to do
    Able to engage in business, borrow money, give loans and invest money
  • Q7
    What social roles did Athenian women participate in?
    Festivals, death rites, priestess
    They didn’t have any social roles
  • Q8
    What was the Haloa festival?
    A festival only celebrated by married women
    A female only festival dedicated to the protection of sowing the grains
    A festival dedicated to the gods and goddesses
    A festival about partying
  • Q9
    What were the vestal virgins?
    six women in the college of the Vestal, they served the goodness of Health, Vesta, serving for 30 years, caring for the eternal fire
  • Q10
    What was a woman’s role in terms of voting in Athens?
    Their roles was to vote
    To hold meetings
    Their roles was to be a part of public office
    Wives could influence politics by influencing their husbands
  • Q11
    Women who were apart of Roman political powerful families were…
    Economically aware
    Socially aware
    Religiously aware
    Politically aware
  • Q12
    Who were married very young to men who were much older than them
    Spartan women
    Roman women
    Athenian women

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