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30 questions
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  • Q1

    French is considered to be _______ than English, but Chinese is the _______ language.

    most complicated/complicated

    more complicated/complicated

    more complicated/ most complicated

    more complicated/more complicated

  • Q2

    Because her husband is waiting for her at home, she _______ than 30 minutes.

    can’t stay here longest

    can stay here longer

    can't stay here longer

    can stay here longlier

  • Q3

    Being a firefighter is _______ than being a constructor.

    the riskier

    more risky     



  • Q4

    If I had much _______than he does, I would buy _______ tickets than he would.

    less money/ more

    more money/ less

    money/ more

    more money/ more

  • Q5

    I like the black one _______ in my three hats because      it makes me _______ than the other.

    the best/ beautifully

    the best/ more beautifully

    the best/ more confidently

    best/ more beautiful

  • Q6

    Because I have_______ votes than she does, I can’t continue to participate in thecompetition.





  • Q7

    John takes actions_______ in this turn with _______ mistakes than he did in the previous one.

    more carefully/ fewer

    more careful/ fewer

    more carefully/ less

    more careful/ more

  • Q8

    Thanks to our brilliant collaborators, our company dealt with these serious problems _______with _______ challenges.

    easier/ fewer

    easier/ more

    more easily/ less

    more easily/ fewer

  • Q9

    To catch the audiences’ attention in this important event, organizers need _______ cheerleading team.

    the most professional and prettiest

    the most pretty andprofessional     

    the prettiest and the most professional

    the prettiest and more professional

  • Q10

    The manufacturer made a decision to choose _______ strategy to make the company _______.

    the most appropriate/powerfully

    the more appropriate/powerful 

    the most appropriate/more powerful

    more appropriate/ the most powerful

  • Q11

    The design competition’s organiser reported that the number of the participated is _______ 30 people, so you should try your _______ to be involved.

    fewer than/ best

    less than/ better

    more than/ better

    more than/ best

  • Q12

    Thanks to the government’s appropriate policies,underground water source in my countryside is _______.

    cleaner and more polluted   

    cleaner and less polluted

    the cleaner and more polluted

    more clean and polluted

  • Q13

    In terms of qualification, I think Lisa is _______ collaborator I’ve ever known.

    the friendliest

    the most accomplished

    more accomplished

    the most enthusiastic

  • Q14

    The investigation could finished _______ than the lawyer estimated because there were _______ remarkable evidences than the policemen expected to find out.

    later/ less

    later/ fewer

    later/ more

    sooner/ fewer

  • Q15

    It is clearly demonstrated that learning at school brings about kids _______than studying at home.

    mental-related lessproblems

    less mental-relatedproblems

    more mental-relatedproblems

    mental-related moreproblems


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