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Complete sentences with suitable prepositions. Type 1 space (enter) between each answer.

Quiz by Monique Gruter

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  • Q1
    1. After I left school, I went to do a degree ______ French with Business Studies ______ York University.
    in at
  • Q2
    2. You need to have a passion _____ what you do, as well as having a good understanding _____ what's going on in the marketplace. This applies _____ anything you want to do
    for of to
  • Q3
    3. I've just finished studying _____ a linguistics degree _____ Madrid University.
    for at
  • Q4
    4. Interns back home get paid ____ average about 500 euros _____ month.
    on per
  • Q5
    5. As a result _____ a downturn _____ the economy, people are starting to spend less money _____ branded consumer goods.
    of in on
  • Q6
    6. The company relies ____ its sales force ____ timely market information ____ product sales, customer buying habits and competitor activity.
    on for about
  • Q7
    7. The Chinese appliance maker Haier has risen ____ a nearly bankrupt collective enterprise 25 years ago ____ one of the most successful companies in China.
    from to
  • Q8
    8. Their approach enables managers to understand interactions ____ various parts of the organisation and to spot opportunities ____ productive collaboration.
    between for
  • Q9
    9. Most staff members expressed interest ____ participating ____ various training programmes.
    in in
  • Q10
    10. Very often, it is not just the sales staff that benefit ____ customer awareness training.

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