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Complete the song sing for the moment

Quiz by Efraín

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  • Q1
    Complete the lyrics to the song 'Sing for the Moment' by Eminem:'Cause we see them ______, ________, ________
    twirling, spinning, whirling
    plummeting, falling, spiraling
    glowing, shining, beaming
    soaring, rising, climbing
  • Q2
    Complete the song lyrics: 'These ideas are___'
    fantasies for wise parents
    dreams for brave parents
    nightmares for white parents
    delights for bright parents
  • Q3
    Complete the song lyrics: 'Lose yourself in the ___'
    sound, the passion
    rhythm, the motion
    music, the moment
    beat, the feeling
  • Q4
    Complete the song lyrics: 'I'm friends with the ___'
    creature that lurks in my soul
    monster that's under my bed
    beast that dwells in my mind
    demon that haunts my dreams
  • Q5
    Fill in the missing lyrics: 'You only get one ___'
    turn, make sure to let it show
    opportunity, make it flow
    shot, do not miss your chance to blow
    moment, seize it and let it go

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