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Comprehension and interpersonal skills quiz

Quiz by Alexa Cipra

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  • Q1

    In the story works reading, what two activities is Jen debating on signing up for? 

    soccer and robotics club 

    soccer and football 

    football and robotics club

    all of the above 

  • Q2

    In the story, who writes to Jen about soccer? 



  • Q3

    In the story, what was the main characters struggle or problem? 

    Deciding which team or club to join.

    Being in the dance club. 

    Going to the soccer game. 

  • Q4

    What ways did Connor describe robotics to Jen to persuade her to not join the club? 

    No running, no kicking, and definitely no goals.

    Exciting, fun, and new 

    Terrifying, scary, and bad

  • Q5

    When dealing with a struggle of deciding between two things what should you do? 

    Pick the one you feel the most excited and ready for, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. 

    Give up and not pick either one. 

    Pick the one that seems the most boring. 

  • Q6

    If you were Jen, based on what the two friends wrote, which team or club would you join? 

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  • Q7

    How do you feel about the story we covered? 

    I understand it and enjoyed it. 

    It was okay not my favorite. 

    I am confused. 

    I did not like it at all. 


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