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Comprehension/Critical Analysis quiz forSpellbinder: The Life of Harry Houdini by Tom Lalicki

Quiz by Michael Hutton

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Houdini died because of?
    Question Image
    Infection caused by an act that went wrong.
    Infection caused by a bad meal
    Infection caused by a sharp blow
    Infection caused by a ruptured appendix.
  • Q2
    The main idea of this selection is that;
    Question Image
    Houdini was determined to have a successful seance with dead people he admired.
    Houdini was determined to be the best "Paper Tearing King" ever on vaudeville.
    Houdini was determined to invent a trick that no one could possibly duplicate.
    Houdini was determined to succeed, by working hard to improve his act and being creative to promote himself.
  • Q3
    The author most likely wrote this article to;
    Question Image
    entertain readers with details of Houdini's Metamorphosis act.
    inform readers of Houdini's strength and power.
    persuade readers that Houdini's was indeed "The King of Cards"
    describe events for readers that led to Houdini's fame and fortune.
  • Q4
    The details about vaudeville and the Dime Museums help you understand that Bess and Harry Houdini were...
    paid well for every performance.
    bad performers in two-bit shows.
    not as popular as fat ladies and midgets.
    hard workers who did not achieve overnight success.
  • Q5
    Bess and Harry began performing in Dime Museums in ?
    Question Image
  • Q6
    In what ways was meeting Martin Beck a life-changing experience for Houdini?
    Question Image
    Meeting Beck gave Houdini the opportunity to meet fans who gave him expensive gifts.
    Meeting Beck gave Houdini an opportunity to perform for a first-rate show.
    Meeting Beck gave Houdini the opportunity to meet the love of his life, Bess.
    Meeting Beck gave Houdini the opportunity to tell his old employers to "take a hike losers!"
  • Q7
    How did Houdini try to prove that he wasn't cheating during his performance?
    Question Image
    By removing his jacket to reveal that he had nothing in his sleeves.
    By removing his clothes and being examined by a police surgeon.
    By performing behind a black curtain and being examined by inmates.
    By removing keys from the lock and swallowing them before the audience.
  • Q8
    What advice did Martin Beck give Houdini?
    Question Image
    Beck advised Houdini to focus on illusions that were easily understood.
    Beck advised Houdini to concentrate on magic tricks rather than escapes.
    Beck advised Houdini to concentrate on escapes rather that magic tricks.
    Beck advised Houdini to try an escape from Alcatraz Prison as the "ultimate escape".
  • Q9
    Which of the following details support the main idea that"Houdini never gave up on a good idea."?
    Question Image
    He kept working on his card tricks until people liked them,
    He kept bothering Martin Beck until he let him perform "Metamorphosis".
    He kept working on his paper tearing act until people liked it,
    He kept working on his escapes until people liked them
  • Q10
    What does Houdini's method of advertising his performances tell you about him?
    Question Image
    He wanted to make sure that people had doubts about his methods.
    He wanted to be sure that he was "liked' on FacePage.
    He wanted to make sure his success continued.
    He wanted to make sure that everyone knew how he did escapes.

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