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Computer Design

Quiz by Michelle Dame

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  • Q1
    What are the differences between a JPG, and a GIF?
    JPG and GIF is for pictures
    JPG is for images, GIF is for animation
    JPG is for animation, GIF is for images
    JPG and GIF is for animation
  • Q2
    Which file extension should you use for a Flash video?
  • Q3
    What's the difference between a shape tween and motion tween in flash?
    shape tweens change shapes, motion tweens move across the screen
    shape tweens have to be on one layer and motion on another
    shape tweens are green, motion tweens are blue
    all of the above
  • Q4
    How many frames in a second of animation?
    15 to 1
    30 to 1
    10 to 1
    25 to 1
  • Q5
    When saving music to use in a project what file extension should you use?
  • Q6
    What are the keyboard commands for copying and pasting on a Mac?
    Command c, and Command p
    Command c, and Command z
    Command c, and Command v
    Command s, and Command v

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