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Computer Grade2 quiz no. 1

Quiz by Teacher Katrina

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    1. He invented the first mechanical and automatic calculator called “Pascaline”.

    c. Blaise Pascal

    b. Stepped Reckoner/Leibniz’s Calculator

    a. Abacus

  • Q2

    2. It was a weaving machine and was developed by Joseph-Marie Jacquard.

    a. Abacus

    b. Stepped Reckoner

    b. Jacquard Loom

  • Q3

    3.  A calculating machine that was invented byJohn Napier.

    c. Jacquard Loom

    b. Napier’s Bone

    a. Abacus

  • Q4

    4. It was a digital mechanical calculator invented by the German mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

    a. Napier’s Bone

    b. Stepped Reckoner/Leibniz’s Calculator

    b. Jacquard Loom

  • Q5

    5. An ancient tool used for counting large numbers.

    a. Abacus

    c. Analytical Engine

    b. Counting Board


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