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Computer networks entry quiz

Quiz by Clare Askwith

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    A network is
    a group or system of interconnected people or things
    What fishermen use
  • Q2
    The internet is
    things like Google, Email, Instagram
    a global network of networks of phyically interconnected computers
    in the cloud
    another word for the World Wide Web
  • Q3
    A router
    sends data to the correct places on the internet
    is another name for a switch
    logs you in to the network
    can never be hacked
  • Q4
    The main function of the internet is to
    help you find information
    stream videos
    help scientists with their research
    send and transmit data
  • Q5
    These are all examples of internet services
    Minecraft, Clash of Clans,, Fortnite
    Google, AOL, Yahoo, Bing
    email, the WWW, video-conferencing, instant messaging, VOIP (internet telephony eg Skype)
    Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter
  • Q6
    When data is transmitted on the internet it is
    sent as quickly as possible via circuit-switching
    streamed as continuous data to make it as fast possible
    split into smaller sections called chunks which are reassembled once they are received
    split into smaller sections called packets which are reassembled once they are received
  • Q7
    Information sent by email is
    insecure as it can be read by each router, unless it is encrypted
    always secure as it is automatically encrypted
    always secure as it cannot be read while it is being transmitted
  • Q8
    A server is
    a fibre-optic cable
    a switch
    a powerful computer
    a router
  • Q9
    The company which provides homes, schools and offices with an internet connection is called
    an IPS
    an ESP
    an ISP
    a WSP
  • Q10
    ISP stands for
    Information Service Provider
    Internet Service Provider
    Internet Search Provision
  • Q11
    What is the name of the piece of equipment that directs data between different devices on the same network; for example, between PCs and printers on the school network?
    Wireless Access Point
  • Q12
    Which came first, the World Wide Web or the internet?
    The internet
    The World Wide Web

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