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Conditional sentences

Quiz by Sára Szij

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  • Q1
    Which one is the right answer?
    Should we be unable to reach our goal, we will try again next year.
    Should the computer locks you out, try resetting the password.
    Should I happen to call after hours, it is possible to leave a message?
    Should you fail to comply with these regulations, you are going to be banned from the organization.
  • Q2
    What is "should" used for in conditional sentences?
    something is extremely unlikely
    hyphothetical situations
  • Q3
    Which one is the right answer?
    If Sarah were shown up late to the birthday party, it would ruin the surprise.
    If I were to have no friends, who do I spend my time with?
    If she was to be rich, she would be horribly obnoxious.
    If Nathan were to be my boss, this job would be intolerable
  • Q4
    Which is the right "were to" in the past form?
    If ... were to have + infinitive ... , ...
    If ... were to + past participle ... , ...
    If ... were to + infinitive ... , ...
    If ... were to have + past participle ... , ...
  • Q5
    Which one is the right answer?
    If Desmond were to have destroy the hatch, it would have been a tragic loss for Dharma.
    If Belle weren't to have found the castle, everyone in there would had stayed under the curse .
    If Frodo weren't to have destroyed the One Ring , Sauron would have stayed alive .
    If Ted were to have stayed with Robin, he wouldn't had have two children.
  • Q6
    Which is an unreal conditional sentence?
    If she was my daughter, I wouldn’t let her drop out of school.
    If she were my daughter, I wouldn’t let her drop out of school.
  • Q7
    When do we use "was"and "were" in a normal way?
    situation that do not reflect reality
    possibility that did happen or might be true
  • Q8
    We do NOT use "will" in "if" clauses ...
    to talk about what people want to do or are willing to do
    to talk about hypotheses
    to make promises and offers
    to talk about the future
  • Q9
    Which one is the right answer?
    Would you dance, if I asked you to dance?
    If you give me a chance I would take it.
    If I would be your boyfriend I would never let you go.
    If I were a boy, I would've listened to her.

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