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Conditional sentences type 3

Quiz by Kristina Bliūdžiuvienė

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    If I had known you were coming, I _____.
    clean the house
    have cleaned the house
    would have cleaned the house
    will clean the house
  • Q2
    If it hadn't rained, we _____.
    go to the beach
    would have gone to the beach
    went to the beach
    will go to the beach
  • Q3
    If she had studied harder, she _____.
    fail the test
    would have passed the test
    passed the test
    will pass the test
  • Q4
    If you had listened to me, you _____.
    aren't in trouble now
    will be in trouble now
    wouldn't be in trouble now
    would be in trouble now
  • Q5
    If they had left earlier, they _____.
    will catch the train
    would have caught the train
    missed the train
    caught the train
  • Q6
    If he had brought his umbrella, he _____.
    got wet
    would get wet
    wouldn't have gotten wet
    will get wet
  • Q7
    If we had known you were allergic, we _____.
    made that dish
    would make that dish
    will make that dish
    wouldn't have made that dish
  • Q8
    If I had the money, I _____.
    will buy a new car
    buy a new car
    bought a new car
    would buy a new car
  • Q9
    If you had told me earlier, I _____.
    could have helped you
    would help you
    will help you
    can help you
  • Q10
    If they had invited us, we _____.
    will go to the party
    would have gone to the party
    went to the party
    won't go to the party

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