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Conditionals 1

Quiz by Anna

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17 questions
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  • Q1
    If it rains
    we should have taken an umbrella
    we will take an umbrella
    we won't take an umbrella
    we took an umbrella
  • Q2
    If I go out tonight
    I will go to the cinema
    I would go to the cinema
    I should go to the cinema
    I went to the cinema
  • Q3
    If you get back late
    I would be angry
    I have should angry
    I will be angry
    I was angry
  • Q4
    If we don't see each other tomorrow
    we will see us next week
    we should have seen us next week
    we saw us not
    we would see us next week
  • Q5
    I will be surprised
    if he come to the party
    if he comes to the party
    if he will come to the party
    if he came to the party
  • Q6
    We will be late
    if we waits here
    if we wait here
    if we waited here.
    if we will wait here
  • Q7
    We will go to Spain
    if we went on holidays.
    if we go on holidays.
    if we goes on holidays.
    if we will go on holidays.
  • Q8
    If the weather does not improve
    we musts stay home.
    we will must stay home.
    we had to stay home.
    we will have to stay home.
  • Q9
    If I ____________________ to bed early, I __________________ tired tomorrow.
    don't go - going to be
    went - were
    don't go - will be
    doesn't go - will be
  • Q10
    If we __________________ all this cake, we __________________ sick.
    eat - will be
    will eat - are
    will drink - are
    drink - will be
  • Q11
    If you __________________ to go out, I __________________dinner at home.
    won't want - will cook
    won't want - cook
    don't want - will cool
    want - will cook
  • Q12
    I __________________ early if you __________________
    won't come - want
    will come - want
    come - want
    will come - will want
  • Q13
    They __________________ to the party if they _________________ invited.
    will go - are
    go - are
    will go - will be
    will go - is
  • Q14
    She __________________ in London if she __________________ a job.
    will stay - gets
    stayed - got
    stay - get
    will stay - get
  • Q15
    He __________________ a better job if he __________________ that exam.
    won't do - doesn't pass
    does - won't pass
    doesn't do - will pass
    doesn't do- won't pass

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