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Quiz by Jessie Tamayao

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    If I hadn't overslept, I __________ on time.
    would have been
    will be
    will have been
  • Q2
    If you had eaten a good breakfast, __________ so hungry now.
    won't be
    can't be
    wouldn't be
  • Q3
    I __________ that car if I had had more money at the time.
    could have bought
    could buy
    will buy
  • Q4
    That horse could have won the race if he __________ hurt his leg.
    hasn't hurt
    hadn't hurt
    doesn't hurt
  • Q5
    If I __________ harder for the test, I would have gotten a better grade.
    did study
    had studied
    will study
  • Q6
    If it hadn't rained, we __________ to the park.
    will go
    would have gone
    will have gone
  • Q7
    If only we __________ the directions!
    had followed
    will follow
    did follow
  • Q8
    If the road hadn't been icy, we __________ an accident.
    didn't have
    wouldn't have had
    won't have
  • Q9
    He would have gone to work if he __________ sick.
    didn't be
    won't be
    hadn't been
  • Q10
    If I had known you were coming, I __________ a cake.
    would bake
    would have baked
    will bake

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