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Conditionals & Terminology

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  • Q1
    Which of the following statements is an example of a conditional statement?
    Students who get all A’s on their report card will make the principal’s list.
    I’m going to give you $5 for your report card.
    Everyone in my Science class got a B
    You need to get at least A’s and B’s on your report card
  • Q2
    Which one of the following situations would require the use of an if/then/else statement?
    Sunshine tomorrow will mean I can wear my new outfit to school otherwise, I will wear a sweater.
    The weather outside is warm and sunny today.
    There are a lot of leaves on the road
    I want to wear shorts and a tee shirt to school today
  • Q3
    All of the following are examples of random events except:
    Picking out a blue candy out of a bag of mixed colored candy, blindfolded.
    Guessing a number your friend has chosen
    Dialing your friend’s phone number
    Flipping a coin
  • Q4
    You are working for Acme Gaming Corp and your boss has asked you to create a game where the user will need to click the start button to begin the game. Clicking the start button is an example of what computer science concept?
    A sprite
    An event
  • Q5
    The United States Tax Code is based on several factors. First, an individual must determine their status (single, head of household, married filing jointly, married filing separately, widow/er). The next step in determining how much tax someone owes is to determine how much money they made last year. If you were to create computer code for this type of situation, what concept would be most useful?
  • Q6
    Whta is the random range code statement for a student guessing a number between 50 and 100.
    random range(50,100)
    random range(0,100)
    random range(50+)
    random (0,100)
  • Q7
    In coding, what is an EVENT?
    An action that cause something to happen.
    Statements that only run under certain conditions.
    The act of doing something over and over again.
    A way of representing information using only two options.
  • Q8
    What is a FUNCTION?
    A statement that is true or false
    A piece of code that multiplies sprites
    To break up a problem into a simple solution
    A piece of code that can be called over and over
  • Q9
    What is a VARIABLE?
    A problem-solving code
    An action determined by the user
    Finding and fixing problems in code
    A placeholder for a value that can change
  • Q10
    What is a PARAMETER?
    A measurement of the codes success
    Computer science definition
    A value passed into a Function
    Finding and fixing problems in a code

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