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Conflict 2

Quiz by Vanessa D 'Silva

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3 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following is true about conflict?

    i Conflict makes the story interesting.

    ii. Stories must be without a conflict.

    iii. Characters and setting can be a part ofconflict

    a)    i and ii are correct

    d)   only iii is correct

    b)    i and iii are correct

    c)    only i is correct

  • Q2

    Celena struggled, searching for air, for land,for something to hold on to. But there was only water, pulling her into itsdepths.”

    What is Celena in conflict with? What does shedesperately want?

    Nature; she wants to be afloat

    Nature; she wants to dive

    Society; she wants to be with her family

    Society; she wants to continue struggling

  • Q3

    Which is the most appropriate conflict statement for the following prompt? John was walking to pick up his youngest sister from school. Suddenly he saw dark clouds spreading in the sky. He was unsure of what to do.

    a)     So he ran back to bring the umbrella.

    d)     He requested his father to pick up his sister that day.

    b )     Even before he could do anything, thunderous hailstorm began.

    c)     He remembered that he suggested his sister not go to school.


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