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5 questions
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  • Q1

    What are the conditions in which type 1 error occurs?

    Null hypotheses gets accepted even if false

    Null hypotheses gets rejected even if true

    Alternate hypotheses is rejected even if true

    Both null and alternate hypotheses get rejected

  • Q2

    What is the disadvantage of an ANOVA test?

    It is an Omnibus test

    Does not indicate difference at all

    Does not indicate the location of the difference

    Does not indicate the amount of difference

  • Q3

    Which is the best statistic for associative studies?

    Attributable risk

    Likelihood ratio

    Relative risk

    Odd's ratio

  • Q4

    Which is the best statistic if you want to test body sodium content with obesity, hypertension and cardiac problems?

    Pearson's correlation

    Multiple regression by least squares

    Odd's ratio

    Linear regression by least squares

  • Q5

    Which normality test would you use for sample sizes smaller than 200?


    Shapiro wilk

    Kolmogorov smirnov

    Levene test


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