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Constitution 1

Quiz by Rachel Murat

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    would count the slave population for taxation and representation
    3/5 Compromise
  • Q2
    The agreement to create a two-house legislature
    Great Compromise
  • Q3
    Created a body of electors to choose the president and vice president
    Electoral College Compromise
  • Q4
    appointing judges, ambassadors and negotiating treaties
    Advice and Consent Clause
  • Q5
    Congress can regulate trade between nations, between states, and among Indian tribes.
    Commerce Clause
  • Q6
    States are required to recognize the laws and legal documents of other states
    Full Faith and Credit Clause
  • Q7
    gives the sole power of this to the House; checks and balances
    Impeachment Clause
  • Q8
    constitutional authorization for Congress to make any law required to carry out its powers
    Necessary and Proper Clause
  • Q9
    prevents a state from treating citizens of other states in a discriminatory manner.
    Privileges and Immunities Clause
  • Q10
    Federal laws over State laws
    Supremacy Clause
  • Q11
    president must enforce ALL laws passed by congress
    Take Care Clause

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