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Constitution and Bill of Rights Test Study Guide Part Two

Quiz by Steven Jones

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  • Q1
    Articles of Confederation
    What document made Congress the national government, with each state having one vote in Congress?
  • Q2
    Northwest Ordinance
    Which law described how a territory could become a state and outlawed slavery in the territories?
  • Q3
    Shay's Rebellion
    Which event highlighted the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and led to calls for a stronger central government?
  • Q4
    control trade
    What was one thing that Congress could not do under the Articles of Confederation?
  • Q5
    True of False? In a federal system, Congress would share power with the states.
  • Q6
    George Washington
    Who was the President of the Constitutional Convention?
  • Q7
    Virginia Plan
    What plan did James Madison propose at the Constitutional Convention for the structure of the government?
  • Q8
    Based on population
    According to the Virginia Plan, how was representation in the legislature to be determined?
  • Q9
    New Jersey Plan
    Which plan at the Constitutional Convention favored equal representation for each state?
  • Q10
    Connecticut Compromise
    Which plan at the Constitutional Convention proposed a compromise between the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan, creating a bicameral legislature with one chamber based on population and the other with equal representation for each state?

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