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Constitution Part 1

Quiz by Tabitha Neufeld

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    What was the name of the first national government of the United States?
    Congressional Outline of Laws
    Articles of Confederation
    Declaration of Independence
  • Q2
    This man studied government, and came to the Constitutional Convention with a plan on how our new government should work--Known as the father of the Constitution.
    George Washington
    Octavious Nemsgern
    James Madison
    Alexander Hamilton
  • Q3
    Under the Articles of Confederation, the greatest amount of power was in the hands of the
    American people
    National Government
  • Q4
    The structure of the US Congress was created at the Constitutional Convention by the
    New Jersey Plan
    Great Compromise
    Virginia Plan
    3/5 Compromise
  • Q5
    Define Federalists
    People who did not support the Constitution
    A participant of Shays Rebellion
    People who supported ratification of the Constitution
    Women who attended the Constitutional Convention
  • Q6
    What is an agreement that stated that each slave would be counted as 3/5th of a person when determining representation.
    3/5th Compromise
    Great Compromise
  • Q7
    Define Bicameral
    Four Legislative Branches
    One-house Legislative Branch
    Two Legislative Branches or Chambers
    Houses the founding fathers lived in
  • Q8
    What is an official approval called?
    Interstate Commerce
    Popular Sovereignty
  • Q9
    Define the Constitutional Convention
    A meeting held in Philadelphia at which delegates from the states wrote the Constitution
    An agreement between the US and Great Britain to end fighting
    A meeting where delegates disapproved the Constitution
    A political party who supported the Union
  • Q10
    Which plan gave more power to state governments?
    New Jersey Plan
    Virginia Plan
  • Q11
    Which plan had the number in both houses based on Population
    New Jersey Plan
    Virginia Plan
  • Q12
    Which plan had Unicameral legislative branch?
    New Jersey Plan
    Virginia Plan
  • Q13
    Which plan gave more power to national government?
    Virginia Plan
    New Jersey Plan
  • Q14
    Which plan had the number of representatives equal from each state?
    Virginia Plan
    New Jersey Plan
  • Q15
    Which plan had a Bicameral legislative branch?
    New Jersey Plan
    Virginia Plan

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