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Constitutional Convention Review

Quiz by Suzanne Molloy

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17 questions
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  • Q1
    What document replaced the Articles of Confederation and established a new national government?
    The Declaration of Independence
    The Constitution
    The Magna Carta
    The English Bill of Rights
  • Q2
    The Great Compromise accomplished which of the following?
    Added the Bill of Rights
    Postponed the conversation about slavery
    Created a one house legislature
    Created a two house legislature
  • Q3
    The issue of enslaved people for the purpose of representation was the main issue of -
    Three-Fifths Compromise
    Great Compromise
    New Jersey Compromise
    One-Third Compromise
  • Q4
    In what house of our national legislature, called Congress, does each state have equal representation?
    General Assembly
    House of Commons
    House of Representatives
  • Q5
    The Constitutional Convention was convened, or got together, to...
    improve the Articles of Confederation.
    decide who would fight Daniel Shay.
    write the Treaty of Paris.
    get all the signers of the Declaration together to celebrate.
  • Q6
    The Constitutional Convention took place in
  • Q7
    The image represents -
    Question Image
    Americans and British
    One Quarter Compromise
    Great Compromise
    Three-Fifths Compromise
  • Q8
    Why were the Articles of Confederation replaced?
    it created a judicial branch
    it created an executive branch
    it created a powerful army
    government was took weak to manage state relations
  • Q9
    Representation should be proportional based on a states population was part of the
    Commerce Compromise
    Virginia Plan
    New Jersey plan
    Canada Plan
  • Q10
    Representation should be equal giving each state the same number of representatives was part of the
    Madison Plan
    New Jersey plan
    Virginia plan
    Canada Plan
  • Q11
    Representation should be equal and proportional in a 2 house (also called bicameral) legislature was part of the
    Virginia Plan
    Great Compromise
    Molloy Plan
    New Jersey Plan
  • Q12
    Slaves would partially count towards population is part of the
    Commerce compromise
    Three-fifths Compromise
    Electoral College
    Great Compromise
  • Q13
    Agreeing not to interfere with the slave trade for 20 years is part of the
    Great Compromise
    Three-fifths Compromise
    House of Representatives
    Virginia compromise
  • Q14
    The Three-fifths compromise helped
    increase representation
    protect slavery
    protect the economy
    increase taxes
  • Q15
    When creating the legislative branch, there were two proposed plans. Which plan wanted states to have more votes based on population?
    Virginia Plan
    New Jersey Plan
    Washington Plan
    3/5th's Plan

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