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Constitutional Underpinnings Quiz

Quiz by Kristen Schaeffer

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Oligarchies are examples of
    government by the few
  • Q2
    American society is unsuitable for direct democracy on a national basis because of the
    level of information the public has on most complex issues
    size and complexity of the society
    low turnout in most elections
    all of the other answers
  • Q3
    Which of the following founders was the principal architect of the Constitution?
    James Madison
    Thomas Jefferson
    George Washington
    Alexander Hamilton
  • Q4
    A limited government is based on the principle of
    Non-expansion, with the current geographic size of the geographic size of the government as large or small as it can be
    Allowing only a set number of new immigrants into the country
    restrictions on the power of the government
    a pre-determined period of time for state governments to vote to accept or reject a new contract with the national government
  • Q5
    The concept of initiative is
    a way to remove a public official from office prior to the end of his elected term
    provided by the Bill of Rights
    a procedure used by Congress to prevent the passage of a bill by talking it to death
    procedure whereby voters can propose a law or amendment within a state
  • Q6
    A long standing structure that performs certain functions for society is called
    a government
    a society
    a faction
    an institution
  • Q7
    A republic is
    an indirect democracy
    Athenian democracy
    a representative
    a conservative
  • Q8
    To ensure that majority rule does not become oppressive, modern democracies
    limit political participation to individuals who are properly educated
    require 2/3rds support of the legislature before a law can be enacted
    guarantee the rights of the underrepresented
    all of the other answers are correct
  • Q9
    A procedure allowing the people to vote to dismiss an elected official from office before his or her term has expired is called
    republican representation
  • Q10
    A representative democracy is a form of government in which
    officials are elected to make and enforce laws and policies
    every adult has the right to vote
    elected officials can be removed from office
    each person makes policy decisions directly

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