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Context Clues

Quiz by Ma. Jessalyn Garbino

Grade 6
Philippines Curriculum: Grades 1-10

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    If you have trouble understanding a word in a passage or sentence of a story you may want to read previous words or the end of the sentence to determine what the word means. What is this reading comprehension skill known as?

    words in context

    content origins


    text messaging

  • Q2

    Our new alarm system will wake up the entire neighborhood if an intruder gets in the house. An intruder is someone who intrudes. To INTRUDE is to

    go where you are not wanted or don't belong

    paint or repair old building.

    make a lot of noise to disrupt the quiet in an area

    wear your shoes on the wrong feet.

  • Q3

    When they heard the good news about the court's decision, the angry crowd cheered and then began to disperse. "It looks like everyone is going home," one reporter stated.

    spread over a wide area




  • Q4

    What context clues does this sentence have? The mountain pass was a tortuous road, winding and twisting like a snake around the trees of the mountainside. 





  • Q5

    What context clues does this sentence have? The children were as different as day and night. He was a lively conversationalist, but she was reserved and taciturn.



    example clues



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