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  • Q1
    moderate: Jamie wants to keep the house spotless all of the time and Shannon is a total slob, but I am a bit more moderate about cleanliness.
    moderate means "apathetic" or "careless"
    moderate means "average" or "less extreme"
    moderate means "exceptional" or "really good"
    moderate means "extreme" or "severe"
  • Q2
    uncivil: Ladies, please stop the name calling. There is no reason to act uncivil. Let's discuss the problem.
    uncivil means "polite" or "respectable"
    uncivil means "impolite" or "undignified"
    uncivil means "quiet" or "still"
    uncivil means "courageous" or "bold"
  • Q3
    audible: A dog whistle makes a high-pitched sound that is only audible to dogs.
    audible means "able to be read"
    audible means "able to be understood"
    audible means "able to be heard"
    audible means "able to be made"
  • Q4
    solemn: The mood in the church became very solemn when the bride began to walk down the aisle.
    solemn means "quiet and respectfully serious"
    solemn means "sad and depressed"
    solemn means "boisterous and loud celebration"
    solemn means "chaotic and difficult to understand"
  • Q5
    disdain: She gives me this look of disdain ever since I shot at her cat with my BB gun
    disdain means "dislike" or "contempt"
    disdain means "admiration" or "pride"
    disdain means "regret" or "guilt"
    disdain means "concern" or "worry"
  • Q6
    constitute: The eight golden triangles that Link must collect constitute the Triforce, which can grant wishes when it is assembled.
    constitute means "make up" or "become part of"
    constitute means "break apart" or "destroy"
    constitute means "a document outlining laws"
    constitute means "a firm belief or opinion"
  • Q7
    vex: John felt bad about hitting his little sister, but he was so vexed when he saw her playing Fortnite badly under his username that he lost his temper.
    vexed means "proud"
    vexed means "delighted"
    vexed means "unhappy"
    vexed means "angry"
  • Q8
    incredulous: I wanted to give the new kid a chance, but when he started telling me that he could ride his skateboard on top of the telephone wires, all I could do was stare at him with an incredulous smirk.
    incredulous means "unbelieving"
    incredulous means "appreciative"
    incredulous means "friendly"
    incredulous means "angry"
  • Q9
    feign: Jane got it into her mind that she could get out of studying for any test just by feigning illness the night before the exam.
    feign means "to catch or contract an illness"
    feign means "to talk about something"
    feign means "sleep"
    feign means "to fake or pretend"
  • Q10
    gratified: Tabrina was gratified when the teacher used her work as an example of the "perfect" project for other classes.
    gratified means "upset or disdainful"
    gratified means "thankful or lucky"
    gratified means "anxious or nervous"
    gratified means "pleased or happy"
  • Q11
    discordant: The music teacher had difficulty tolerating the discordant noises produced by her kindergarten guitar class.
    discordant means "harmonious and lovely"
    discordant means "loud, unmusical noise"
    discordant means "cheerful sounds of excitement"
    discordant means "argumentative"

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