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Continental drift theory QUIZ

Quiz by Daryl Cadanilla

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the purpose of using fossil correlation in the continental drift theory?
    To explain the formation of fossils.
    To identify different species of fossils.
    To determine the past locations of continents.
    To study the age of fossils.
  • Q2
    Which of the following is NOT a piece of evidence supporting the continental drift theory?
    The color of fossils found in different continents.
    The fit of coastlines on different continents.
    The matching of geological features on different continents.
    The distribution of similar plant and animal fossils on different continents.
  • Q3
    How does the continental drift theory explain the correlation between rocks and mountains?
    Rock formations on different continents match when they were once connected
    Mountains are formed by the collision of continental plates
    Rock formations are randomly distributed across continents
    Rock formations were created independently on each continent
  • Q4
    What is the main evidence used to support the theory of continental drift?
    The discovery of new rock formations.
    The presence of mountains and valleys on the ocean floor.
    The study of earthquakes and volcanic activity.
    The analysis of sedimentary rock layers.
    Fossils of the same species found on different continents.
  • Q5
    The supercontinent Pangaea began to break apart approximately:
    1 billion year ago
    4 billion years ago
    200 million years ago
    65 million years ago
  • Q6
    Fossils of the reptile _________________________ have been found in South Africa, India and Antarctica.
  • Q7
    The first Philippine island showed up about _________________years ago. It is the island of Mindoro and Palawan which is very near the island of present-day Taiwan.Due to geological and plate tectonic evolution, primarily due to the Pacific plate and Australian plate moving inward to the Asian plate; the island of Luzon and Mindanao started to show up.
  • Q8
    The photo shows ___________________.
    Question Image
    mountain correlation
    glacial striation
    rock correlation
    fossil correlation
  • Q9
    Choose the answer below that BEST describes this image
    Question Image
    Mesosaurus became extinct before the contnients broke up.
    Both Glossopteris and Mesosaurus are trace fossils.
    Glossopteris appeared in the fossil records of the entire continent.
    Mesosaurus lived in South America, Africa, India, and Antarctica.
  • Q10
    Wegener concluded that these two mountain ranges in ___________actually formed as one chain hundreds of millions of years ago
    Appalachian and Himalayas
    Africa and Norway
    Canada and Africa
    North America and Europe

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