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Quiz by Theptewan Duangdee

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  • Q1

    Q: Shall we take a bus to get to the stadium, or the skytrain?

    whichever is the quickest

    The bus goes to the stadium

    It takes around twenty minutes

    Yes, i think that's right

  • Q2

    Q: Why aren't you coming to the party tonight?

    I'm feeling under the weather

    Let me check my schedule first

    He said he was too tired

    Sorry, I couldn't go last night

  • Q3

    A: Who's been using my computer while i've been away?

    I hope your trip went well

    John will ask to use your computer

    The IT guys updated the software

    I'll tell him not to do that again

  • Q4

    Q: When will the laundry be ready for pickup?

    Sometime this afternoon

    I did the laundry in this morning

    We'll be picked up at ten

    Yes, it needs to be done

  • Q5

    Q: Are you really thinking of moving abroad?

    Things are improving all the time

    I'm sure you'll like it there

    I've been there several times

    It's something I'm considering

  • Q6

    Q: Won't you be coming to the annual meeting?

    I was very busy last week

    Yes, it's out of the question

    I can't make it this year

    We know where it'll be held

  • Q7

    Q: They won't accept responsibility for the losses, will they?

    Yes, there were heavy losses

    No need to be sorry

    I'd be surprised if they did

    It won't happen again

  • Q8

    Q: What a shame they postponed the gala dinner.

    You'd better come with me

    I'm sad they didn't go ahead with it

    I'm sure it'll be lot of fun

    I'm sad they didn't go ahead with it

  • Q9

    Q: Could you tell me why the website keeps crashing?

    I don't have my own website

    It provides useful information

    You should try going online

    There's a problem with the server

  • Q10

    Q: What's your vision for the next few years?

    There's nothing wrong with my vision

    I really love to challenge myself

    It'll take a few years to see the results

    I want to be a market leader

  • Q11

    Q: Where will you go after the meeting?

    It will take place in the new office

    I'm meeting them at the office

    It's supposed to start on Friday

    I'll stop by the sales department

  • Q12

    Have you had a chance to look around the city yet?

    I've been to that city twice

    I haven't even been out of my hotel

    I can't find it on the map

    I think the city looks beautiful

  • Q13

    A: Is someone going to find out when the flight from Paris gets in?

    We'll book a flight today

    I found the flight very pleasant

    She arrived last night

    They say it's delayed an hour

  • Q14

    That meal wasn't as expensive as we thought, was it?

    The food was delicious

    Yes, it was very expensive

    It was definitely worth the price

    Let's split the bill then

  • Q15

    What does your new boss look like?

    He likes skilled employees

    He's tall and has dark hair and a beard

    He enjoys sports a lot

    He's looking for another position


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