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  • Q1
    It is a combination of fruits, vegetables and pasta that usually added with a dressing.
    d. Green Salad
    a. Salad
    b. Dressing
    c. Fruit Salad
  • Q2
    Which of the following are not the ingredients in preparing salad dressings?
    d. oil
    c. marsmallow
    a. egg
    b. nuts
  • Q3
    The main ingredients of this salad is fruits with a sweet dressing like milk.
    c. Bound salad
    b. Fruit salad
    d. Gelatin Salad
    a. Composed Salad
  • Q4
    It is act as emulsifier in preparing salad dressings.
    a. Oil
    c. Lemon Juice
    b. Vinegar
    d. Egg
  • Q5
    It is the main part of the salad.
    b. Base
    a. Body
    d. Dressing
    c. Garnish

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