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Coordinated Functions of Nervous, Endocrine and Reproductive System

Quiz by Decellen M. Garcia

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    This gland stimulates growth, and controls the functions of other glands.

    Parathyroid Gland

    Thymus Gland

    Pituitary Gland

    Thyroid Gland

  • Q2

    It is the ability or tendency of an organism to maintain internal equilibrium by regulating its processes.

    Menstrual Cycle

    Feedback Mechanism



  • Q3

    It serves as the main “processing center” for the entire nervous system.

    Peripheral Nervous System

    Central Nervous System

    Autonomic Nervous System

    Somatic Nervous System

  • Q4

    In menstrual cycle, 14th day is the

    Follicular Phase

    Menstrual Phase

    Luteal Phase

    Ovulation Phase

  • Q5

    It is a process that occurs when the sperm and egg combine to produce an embryo






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