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Copyright and Plagiarism

Quiz by Christine Lumsden

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the best definition for copyright?
    When you copy a book or website word-for-word and pretend it is your own thinking.
    The legal right to use an original piece of work.
    When a person uses someone else’s work and then sells it for money.
    The right to copy anyone’s music, pictures, words, artwork, etc.
  • Q2
    Which of the following is a creative work that is protected by copyright law?
    An idea for a new invention
    The name of your pet
    A picture you took while you were on vacation
    A list of all zip codes in the U.S.
  • Q3
    If one of your sources does not have an author listed, what should you do?
    Pretend that you wrote the information and cite nothing.
    Leave the author's name out of your citation.
    Don't cite the source in your bibliography.
    Invent a name for the author of the source.
  • Q4
    What MUST be included in an MLA8 Internet citation?
    The name of your Internet server
    The location of the computer from which you accessed the page
    The e-mail address of the author
    The URL or web address
  • Q5
    What is the best definition of plagiarism?
    The legal right to make copies of an original work you created.
    Using another person's words or ideas without giving them credit.
    Making a bibliography of all of the resources you used for your research.
    Using only a small amount of a creative work in your project.

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