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Coraline Ch.1-7

Quiz by Cassandra Godios

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  • Q1
    Who is the protagonist of the novel Coraline?
    Other Father
    Other Mother
  • Q2
    Who is the author of Coraline?
    Dave McKean
    Coraline Jones
    Rudyard Kipling
    Neil Gaiman
  • Q3
    Why did the other mother create the other world?
    For all little girls and boys.
    For survival.
    To capture parents.
    For Coraline and to trap her.
  • Q4
    Who was with Coraline while she was punished behind the mirror?
    the other mother
    3 children waiting to be freed
    3 ghost children
    the cat and the 3 ghost children
  • Q5
    What is Coraline's motivation to go back into the other world?
    Her parents don't love her and so Coraline decides to go back and stay in the other world forever.
    Her parents were kidnapped and she wants to save them.
    Her parents are on a vacation and tell Coraline they are bored with her.
    Her parents tell Coraline to go back and stay with the other mother.
  • Q6
    Who say's the following: "Mirrors are never to be trusted."
    the other mother
    Miss. Spink
    the cat
  • Q7
    While punished behind the mirror, what advice does Coraline get while alseep?
    Don't go through the door.
    Look through the stone.
    Flee, while there's still air in your lungs.
    You are in danger.
  • Q8
    Who is the vermin that the other mother is trying to keep out?
    the rats
    the cat
    the dogs
    the ghost children
  • Q9
    Who created the other world?
    Coraline's other mother
    Coraline's other father
    the cat
  • Q10
    What is the other mother take from the ghost children?
    their eyes
    their hearts and souls
    their toys
    their parents
  • Q11
    What advice does the cat give Coraline?
    look through the stone
    the other father will help you
    flee and never come back
    challenge the other mother
  • Q12
    Who says the following: "I'm an explorer and I need to find all the ways out I can find."
    the ghost children
    the other mother
    the cat
  • Q13
    Where are Coraline's parents?
    at home
    on vacation
    at work
    trapped in the other world
  • Q14
    What new item shows up on the mantel of the drawing room?
    a snow globe
    a bowl of fruit
    a mirror
    a painting of a bowl of fruit
  • Q15
    What does Coraline find the further she walks away from the other house?
    The Other Mother and she is looking for her
    The mouse circus practicing their new routine
    Trees, the tennis court and the old well

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