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Crash by Jerry Spinelli

Quiz by Sandra Behn

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29 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the best word to describe Scooter ( after CH 31)?
  • Q2
    From whose point of view is this story told?
    Mike DeLuca
    Crash Coogan
    Penn Webb
    Abby Coogan
  • Q3
    Which of these things does Crash value in the beginning of the novel?
    the environment
  • Q4
    What is the resolution to the "problem " that Crash's parents both work a lot?
    Mrs. Coogan decides to work part time.
    Mrs. Coogan quits her job.
    Mr. Coogan decides to change jobs..
    Mrs. Coogan decides to make greeting cards , like Mrs. Webb.
  • Q5
    What is the resolution to the "problem" that Crash made sure to beat Penn in every competition.
    Crash coaches Penn on how to win the race to qualify for the Penn Relays.
  • Q6
    Why doesn't Penn Webb doesn't shoot Crash with the water gun.
    Penn has to go home.
    Penn is a Quaker
    Penn doesn't know what a gun is.
    Penn is afraid of Crash.
  • Q7
    What is one way that Crash changes during the novel?
    He decides to become a cheerleader.
    He becomes less of a bully.
    He starts to play football badly.
    He becomes a vegetarian.
  • Q8
    At what point in the story does Crash begin to change ?
    Crash begins to change after Jane says that she doesn't want to dance with him.
    Crash begins to change after he finds a mouse in his gym bag.
    Crash begins to change after Scooter has a stroke.
    Crash begins to change after Mr. Webb makes him eat an oatburger.
  • Q9
    Why does Crash buy red high heels for Scooter?
    Crash thought that Scooter would like them.
    Crash loves to buy gag gifts.
    He is afraid that Scooter will die if he doesn't buy him a gift, and he grabbed the shoes without thinking.
    Red is Scooter's favorite color.
  • Q10
    Which character ran in the Penn Relays before Penn Webb did?
    Crash's father
    Penn's great-grandfather
    Penn's father
  • Q11
    At the end of the story, Jerry Spinelli mentions a gift that Crash is thinking about. What is the gift?
    A chance to run in the Penn Relays
    a hawk
    a kite
    a pair of red shoes
  • Q12
    What is a common theme throughout the novel Crash?
    Love conquers all.
    Nice guys finish last.
    Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    Try, try again.
  • Q13
    Why is preserving the environment a theme in Crash?
    Crash was giving a mouse a home in his gym bag.
    Abby , Penn and Jane are trying to prevent a mall from being built.
    Mr. Coogan hired someone to take care of his lawn.
    Scooter was in the navy and loved the sea.
  • Q14
    How does Crash demonstrate that he is judgmental?
    He asked Mr. Webb, "Are you poor?"
    He stomped on his mother's flowers.
    He wouldn't help Mike with the Jetwater Uzi caper.
    He teased about about not eating pepperoni.
  • Q15
    How does Crash demonstrate that he is destructive?
    He pulls Penn's button off his shirt, throws it in a hole and stomps on it.
    He breaks Penn's Conastoga Wagon
    He moves Abby's stick piles.
    He throws away his gym bag after he finds a mouse in it.

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