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Crash Course Chapter 3

Quiz by edkasa chemistry

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    The deviation of gas from ideal behavior is maximum at
    0C at 2 atm
    -100 C at 2 atm
    -10 C at 2 atm
    -10 C and 5 atm
  • Q2
    The pressure remaining constant, at what tempaerature, volume become twice of what it is at 0C
    546 C
    546 K
    273 K
    200 C
  • Q3
    The molar volume of CO2 is maximum at
    273 C at 2 atm
    127 C at 1 atm
    STP(0 C at 1 atm )
    0 C at 2 atm
  • Q4
    Equal masses of methane and oxygen are mixed in empty container at 25 C, the fraction of the total pressure exerted by oxygen is
  • Q5
    Calculate the value of R in SI units.
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  • Q6
    What is meant by the term critical temperature and critical pressure?
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  • Q7
    Write two uses of plasma.
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  • Q8
    Give two causes of deviation of gases from ideal behaviour .
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  • Q9
    Lighter gases diffuse more rapidly than heavy gases . Explain reason with example

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