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Creating a Nation Common Assessment

Quiz by Sara Leigh-Manuell

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    These are rights given to American citizens
    right to vote and right to a speedy trial/trial by jury
  • Q2
    The powers not given to the United States government are reserved for the states
  • Q3
    People being able to vote for political representatives
  • Q4
    We have three branches of government that have their own jobs.
    Separation of Powers
  • Q5
    Citizens can use their rights granted under this amendment to voice their opinions about the government
    1st amendment
  • Q6
    It was a loose union of states and only had ONE branch of government.
    Articles of Confederation
  • Q7
    These were some problems with the Articles of Confederation
    Shays Rebellion, handling trade among states, no court system, couldn't force people to pay taxes, no army
  • Q8
    Because the colonists had been ruled by King George, the wanted to make sure there was no ________ in the Articles of Confederation.
    chief executive
  • Q9
    This was a main issue after the Revolutionary War for our Confederation Congress.
    paying off war debt
  • Q10
    These were two compromises that occurred during the Constitutional Convention
    3/5 Compromise and Great Compromise
  • Q11
    This was the main conflict between the North and South
  • Q12
    This was a big conflict between large and small states
    representation in the legilsature
  • Q13
    This was the main issue between the Federalists and Anti-federalists
    strength of the national government
  • Q14
    America had an unstable economy under the Articles because of this
    each state printed their own money
  • Q15
    These states thought that since southerners treat slaves as property they should be counted for taxes.
    Northern states

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