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Credit Cards 101

Quiz by April MacNamee

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    A plastic card used to make purchases now and pay for them later.
    credit card
  • Q2
    A sum paid or charged for the use of money or for borrowing money
  • Q3
    annual interest rate
  • Q4
    the result of the credit card company not receiving and posting the payment on the due date
    late fee
  • Q5
    The smallest required payment that a credit card holder can pay on a monthly bill and still remain in good standing with the lender.
    minimum payment
  • Q6
    to accumulate over time
  • Q7
    The amount of time from one bill to the next.
    billing cycle
  • Q8
    A deliberate deception intended to secure an unfair or unlawful gain
  • Q9
    A time period during which no finance charges will be added to your account
    grace period
  • Q10
    Gold box on the credit card that is a new technology to increase security
    Question Image
    EMV chip
  • Q11
    An amount that credit card companies can charge for the use of a credit card.
    annual fee
  • Q12
    Paying off one credit card balance by transferring it to another credit card.
    balance transfer
  • Q13
    the maximum amount that you may charge on your credit account
    credit limit

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