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Crossing the Wire

Quiz by Guy Whitman

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    What are the main character's names in Crossing the Wire ?
    Sebastian and Tomas
    Pablo and Santiago
    Rico and Victor
    Reynaldo and Richard
  • Q2
    What is a coyote?
    A person that hunts jaguars for their fur
    A person that works for the Mexican government
    A person that works for the Border Patrol
    A person who smuggles immigrants into the United States for money.
  • Q3
    What is La Migra?
    American Immigration Officers
    The name for the farmers crossing the wire.
    The name of the bus company that travels to the border.
    Another name for smugglers
  • Q4
    Who gave Rico the $1500.00 to pay the coyotes?
    Rico had been saving the money for two years while working in Silao.
    Victor gave Rico the money for the coyotes.
    A Catholic priest gave Rico the money for the coyotes.
    Rico's oldest brother, Reynaldo sent it to him from the states.
  • Q5
    Why did Victor make the very difficult decision to leave his home and go to the United States?
    The corn crop was not going to be profitable so Victor has to go to the United States to get work to help his family.
    Victor needed to go to the United States to help Rico get out of jail.
    Victor decided not to go to the United States after all.
    Rico told Victor that he had coyote money for him to use to get across the border

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