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CS Academy-IMEx-5th December

Quiz by Celia Benitez

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9 questions
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  • Q1

    I am member of...

    Customer Service Panama
    Customer Service Zaventem
    Customer Service Singapore
    Vaccine Customer Service
  • Q2

    I have been working in the Customer Service department between...

    3 - 6 years
    1 - 3 years
    < 1 year
    > 6 years
  • Q3

    What does IMEx stand for?

    International Manufacturing Excellence

    Integrated Manufacturing Excellence

    Integrated Manufacturing Examples

  • Q4

    What does IMEx aim to do?

    Standardize, Integrate, Improve

    Standardize, Communicate, Improve

    Analyze, Integrate, Improve

  • Q5

    Which are the five pillars IMEx consists of?

    Standard Work, CI Loop, Process Centric Team, Visual Management, Structured Gemba

    Standard Work, CI Loop, Digital Operations Center, Visual Management, Structured Gemba 

    Standard Work, Goods Manufacturing Practice, Process Centric Team, Visual Management 

  • Q6

    Role Cards are used for which IMEx pillar?

    CI Loop

    Digital Operating Center

    Standard Work

    Visual Management 

    Process Centric Team

    Structured Gemba

  • Q7

    A Structured Gemba needs to be performed by...

    A novice at the process


    A department lead
    And expert on the process;A departmental lead;
  • Q8

    Which is the main tool used for IMEx?

    Team Tasks

    Digital Operations Center


  • Q9

    What did you use to complete this knowledge quiz?

    My brain - Self Knowledge;Other;
    Related SOPs/ WI / Job aid
    My personal notes

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