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CSE 1.1.4 & 1.1.5

Quiz by Jennifer Morris

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    A sequential and prioritized list of what needs to be done to create the app the user wants. The list can be technical requirements or user centric in the form of user stories.
  • Q2
    Sprint tasks
    A list of the individual parts that need development to address a backlog item.
  • Q3
    Global variable
    Stored data that may be used by any part of the program. A variable is simply a storage location for a value that is known or may be changing often based on inputs. By making a variable _______ it means all parts of the program can access it.
  • Q4
    Local variable
    Stored data that is only used within a small scope of a project and cannot be used by other parts of the program.
  • Q5
    A description of the parts of a program where a particular variable can be accessed and modified.
  • Q6
    Natural language
    The language that people use in daily conversations with each other.
  • Q7
    A way to work out the logic without worrying too much about the specifics of the language you are programming in.
  • Q8
    Incremental Counter
    A loop that changes the value of a count by a certain amount every time an event occurs.
  • Q9
    reducing in number by one
  • Q10
    Writes and modifies the code. Controls the computer or tablet. Transfers the code to any external hardware or devices.
  • Q11
    Keeps hands off the computer or tablet. Reviews the code, identifies potential errors, proposes ideas, and suggestions. Connects wires to any external hardware or devices.
  • Q12
    A sequence of instructions that continually repeats until a condition is met.

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