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CSP Review

Quiz by Caroline Whittaker

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  • Q1
    Who is the NCR Child Protection Lead?
    Morgan Bello
  • Q2
    Where is the child protection policy and procedures available for staf and volunteers to access?
    Child protection bulletin board, Y front desk and Avanti portal
  • Q3
    What steps occur during the recruitment process to screen our unacceptable applicants?
    Vulnerable sector police check, CSP online training, formal interview, 3 record checks
  • Q4
    Do circumstances exist where an employee or volunteer is not required to have a police record check completed?
  • Q5
    During a reference check what question is asked to ensure the candidate is suitable to work with children?
    Do you have any concerns about this person having contact with children?
  • Q6
    How often is ongoing or refresher training provided?
    At least annually
  • Q7
    If a disclosure or suspicion of abuse arises how are child abuse reports completed?
    1. Call CAS 2. Inform CYF coordinator that a call has been made 3. Document what happened
  • Q8
    What are the requirements for documenting suspected abuse?
    1) Use the suspected Child Abuse Reporting Form (Available on the CSP board) 2) Handwrite in Pen 3) Be factual 4) If there is a mistake, cross it out with a single line and initial it 5) sign and date the report 6) Place in a sealed envelope marked confidential 7) Write the Child's name and sign and date the envelope 8) Give it to your CYF Coordinator who will give the envelop to Morgan Bello
  • Q9
    What ID is required to gain access to the YMCA?
    YMCA ID or Government-issued ID

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