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Cubital Fossa and Elbow

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    What type of information passes through superficial branch of the radial nerve?
    Motor and Sensory
  • Q2
    What structure does not run through the cubital fossa?
    Brachial artery
    Median nerve
    Radial nerve
    Ulnar nerve
  • Q3
    Blood extraction is typically taken from what vein?
    Cephalic vein
    Median vein of forearm
    Basilic vein
    Median cubital vein
  • Q4
    While at work, Greg faced an injury that affected his radial nerve at the lateral supracondylar ridge. All of the following are deficits except:
    Elbow extension
    Weakness in supination
    Weakness in wrist extension
    Numbness around the dorsum of digits 1-3
  • Q5
    All of the following are direct branches of the brachial artery except:
    Superior ulnar collateral
    Profunda brachii
    Inferior ulnar collateral
    Radial recurrent
  • Q6
    What structure serves as the lateral boundary of the cubital fossa?
    Pronator teres
    Intercondlyar line

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