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Cultural Diversity

Quiz by May Angeles

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What is culture?
    awareness of and commitment to a sacred, unifying force that gives meaning to life
    the process by which one examines behaviour in light of values and changing circumstances
    It is made of ideas, beliefs and values, meaning and attitudes shared by a group.​
    attitudes that one holds that something is true.
  • Q2
    What is beliefs?
    Occurs when a person is exposed to a new culture
    Opportunities to administer quality care to patients
    defined as perceptions held about the worth or importance of a certain thing, person, or idea.
    lasting group of feeling, belief and behaviour tendencies directed towards specific people, group, ideas or objects.​
  • Q3
    A term applied to people based on an individuals appearance​
  • Q4
    Can manifest as disorientation, nervousness, anxiety, uncertainty, fear and anger.
    Cultural Shock
    Cultural Sensitivity
  • Q5
    It develops over time and not only reflect where we have come from
  • Q6
    Ethnicity is..
    Usually sets in when faced with difficulty.
    They are guides that individuals use as they make decisions.
    All human groups belong to the same species
    a sense of peoplehood, when people feel close because of sharing similarities.
  • Q7
    Why is understanding culture important?
    can practice cultural competency, awareness and sensitivity to provide a positive effect on the patient's health
    Enables one to work in different environments with different people.
    Opportunities to administer quality care to patients
    Reflecting patient demographic makes patients more comfortable
  • Q8
    How is cultural diversity important in the role of the Enrolled Nurse?
    You can be more capable of accepting people for who they are.
    Learning and understanding how to work with diverse people create a more experienced, flexible and accepting person
    Opportunities to administer quality care to patients
    Every person you meet is diverse, whether by personality, sexuality, family, etc.

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