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Culture and francophonie

Quiz by Viviane Kayumba

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    La francophonie is a group of people who
    live only in France
    come from England
    have French as common language
    work in the French companies
  • Q2
    68 members are part of the francophonie
  • Q3
    The purpose of la francophonie was
    make money for France
    to start a war
    to unite french people
    to spread the French language and its values
  • Q4
    The population of the Francophonie is
    6000 people
    175 million people
    600 million people
    6000 million people
  • Q5
    La Francophonie is led by
    a president
    First minister
    a secretary General
    a Governor
  • Q6
    Stromae is
    a comedian
    a Belgium soccer player
    a French actor
    a francophone musician and songwriter
  • Q7
    The female French fashion designer known by her perfume and Jewelry is
    Jeanne d'Arc
    Anne-Sophie Pic
    Coco Chanel
  • Q8
    Thomas Pesquet is a French
    a soccer player
    French singer
    a comedian
    Astronaut and a pilot
  • Q9
    Charles de Gaulle is the
    a Secretary General of La Francophonie
    the fifth president of France
    a current First minister of France
    current president of France

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