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Culture: International Business Applications (USF)

Quiz by Manie Spoelstra

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  • Q1
    Answer the following three questions based on this video: 1. The following sentence: "We pay each worker according to the number of designs, period" will most probably work well in:
    Lockheed Martin (Fort Worth)
    Sony (Tokyo)
    Toyota (Nagoya Plant)
    Komatsu (Osaka)
  • Q2
    Question 2 (based on the short Hofstede video above): If a worker at MacDonalds (Kichijoji franchise, Tokyo), does not perform sufficiently, we will____.
    tell him/her that he/she will be fired next week if he/ashe does not perform
    take away some of his/her pay
    never fire him/her
    fire him/her
  • Q3
    Question 3 (based on Hofstede): We should tell each worker exactly what the job entails at_____.
    Nissan Head Office, Ginza, Tokyo
    General Motors accounting department (Osaka, Japan).
    Ford's planning division (Yokohama, Japan)
    Home Depot Lakeland South
  • Q4
    The following three questions are based on the Globe Project (cultural dimensions): Question 7: When there is a huge power distance in India, the workers will like ______.
    'meet the boss' meetings
    a system of consensus decision making
    a practice of inviting workers to my home
    Clear lines of reporting
  • Q5
    Question 8 (Globe): Sweden is said to provide more opportunities for female workers, it is called a high____ country.
    gender egalitarianism
    humane orientation
    future orientation
  • Q6
    Question 9 (Globe) New Zeeland managers are said to seek consensus and cooperation in decision making. So, Globe would classify New Zeeland as______.
    high on power distance
    high on humane orientation
    high on assertiveness
    low on assertiveness
  • Q7
    Question 10: I have been promoted to general manager of Goodrich in Egypt. Goodrich has a deadline to meet and under huge pressure. A key production worker came to ask me if he/she could attend to his ill grandmother and stay at home for a day or two. You say: _________.
    "Yes, but then you have to do some overtime tomorrow", because Egypt is low on future orientation
    "Sure, we will make other changes", because of the high humane orientation in Egypt.
    "Not at all", this is an assertive country.
    "Yes, but you yourself have to make it up before the deadline" because Egypt is a very individualistic country
  • Q8

    Hofstede's identified the fact that cultures deal with the fact that people are different (physically, intellectually, and status) and called it his __________distance dimension

    Question Image


    status orientation

    uncertainty avoidance

    power distance

  • Q9

    videoq:hKNeFHBPgRo:10:70//What is a significant difference between the cultures of the USA and Japan based on this clip? 

    None of the above

    Japanese place individual freedom above all

    Japanese believe in reincarnation and therefore doing good deeds on earth

    Japanese identify with the company and not the job.

  • Q10

    If you have a Ph.D. but belong to the Dalit caste in India, you cannot marry someone from a higher caste.

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