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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Which one of the following are the expected requirements for client protection when cutting?
    Gown, apron and cutting collar
    Towel or cutting collar
    Gown, towel or cutting collar
    Gown and apron
  • Q2
    Which one of the following outlines the salon and legal requirements for the disposal of waste from cutting services?
    Dispose of hair cuttings into a separate bin on completion of service.
    Remove all sharp instruments and dispose of daily wrapped in paper.
    Sweep all hair up at the end of the day and dispose of in the waste paper bin.
    Dispose of sharps into a sharps box and hair cuttings into an allocated bin.
  • Q3
    Which one of the following outlines the employee’s responsibilities under the current Electricity at Work Regulations?
    To report, label and remove any faulty equipment
    To dispose of all faulty equipment immediately
    To remove all equipment from the work area
    To check all equipment after use for faults
  • Q4
    Which one of the following is a potential consequence of clients not being protected from hair clippings?
    Damage to clothing and jewellery.
    Less sterilisation needed and more spare time for stylist
    Discomfort to the stylist during the service
    Discomfort and hairs penetrating clothing
  • Q5
    Which one of the following is the most likely consequence of incorrect client positioning during the cutting process?
    Loss of client to another stylist
    Client may complain to the manager
    An unprofessional salon image will be created
    Finished results may be unbalanced or uneven
  • Q6
    Which one of the following is a method of maintaining cutting tools?
    Oiling as required.
    Carrying in a safe manner
    Taking scissors home in the evening
    Leaving them on the workstation when not in use
  • Q7
    Which one of the following is the most important reason for communicating with clients throughout the cutting process?
    To maintain the client’s comfort.
    To create a friendly and sociable atmosphere.
    To maintain the client’s attention
    To confirm the progress of the cut
  • Q8
    Which one of the following is a factor that does not need to be taken into account before and during the cutting process?
    Growth patterns
    Hair density
    Hair colour.
  • Q9
    How does hair elasticity affect the cutting process?
    Hair may be too short for the chosen style
    Hair may be too sparse for the chosen style.
    May not be able to carry out the cutting service
    Degree of tension may need to be increased or decreased
  • Q10
    Why is it important to crosscheck a haircut?
    To check the length of the cut meets style requirements.
    To ensure the cut meets the client’s requirements
    To ensure the accuracy of the cut.
    To see how the cut is progressing.
  • Q11
    Which one of the following is the angle at which the hair is held when cutting a uniform layer look?
    Question Image
    90 degrees.
    0 degrees.
    180 degrees
    45 degrees
  • Q12
    Which one of the following best describes why the client needs must be identified?
    To maintain a professional service
    To advise on the cheapest service.
    To promote the most expensive products
    To advise on the most suitable services
  • Q13
    Which of the following outlines the employee’s legal responsibilities for describing the features and benefits of products and services?
    Describe them honestly and accurately
    Display the price comparisons of other salons
    Describe alternative services and products
    Display the price of products and services
  • Q14
    Which one of the following is the angle at which the hair is held when cutting a one length cut?
    Question Image
    90 degrees.
    45 degrees
    180 degrees
    0 degrees.
  • Q15
    Which one of the following is not good practice when promoting products? Advising the client on
    what they can afford
    the use of the product.
    the most suitable product
    more than one product

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