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Cyber Exam

Quiz by Mrs. Sinardi

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140 questions
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  • Q1
    Your organization’s security policy states that administrators should follow the principle of least privilege. Which of the following tools can ensure that administrators are following the policy?
    Risk assessment
    Vulnerability assessment
    User rights and permissions review
    Threat assessment
  • Q2
    Someone stole an executive’s smartphone, and the phone includes sensitive data. What should you do to prevent the thief from reading the data?
    Encrypt the data on the phone
    Password-protect the phone
    Track the location of the phone
    Use remote wipe
  • Q3
    Your organization routinely hires contractors to assist with different projects. Administrators are rarely notified when a project ends and contractors leave. Which of the following is the BEST choice to ensure that contractors cannot log on with their account after they leave?
    Enable an account enablement policy
    Enable an account recovery policy
    Enable generic accounts
    Enable account expiration
  • Q4
    Maggie reports that when she is at her desk, she can pick up a wireless signal with her laptop. However, when she is in other locations of the building, such as in one of the conference rooms, she no longer has access to the Internet. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for this problem?
    IP address conflict
    Wireless RF signals are weak
    MAC filtering is blocking access in the conference room
    Incorrect SSID configured
  • Q5
    Employees access a secure area by entering a cipher code, but this code does not identify individuals. After a recent security incident, management has decided to implement a key card system that will identify individuals who enter and exit this secure area. However, the installation might take six months or longer. Which of the following choices can the organization install immediately to identify individuals who enter or exit the secure area?
    Access list
  • Q6
    What is a virtual switch?
    A switch used for a virtual LAN
    A logical switch that functions like a physical switch
    A switch used for VPNs
    A planned change
  • Q7
    While analyzing a packet capture log, you notice the following entry: 16:12:50, src, dst, syn/ack Of the following choices, what is the BEST explanation of this entry?
    An HTTP connection attempt
    An RDP connection attempt
    An FTP connection attempt
    A buffer overflow attack
  • Q8
    You are reviewing logs from a wireless survey within your organization’s network due to a suspected attack and you notice the following entries: MAC SSID Encryption Power 12:AB:34:CD:56:EF GetCertifiedGetAhead WPA2 47 12:AB:34:CD:56:EF GetCertifiedGetAhead WPA2 62 56:CD:34:EF:12:AB GetCertifiedGetAhead WPA2 20 12:AB:34:CD:56:EF GetCertifiedGetAhead WPA2 57 12:AB:34:CD:56:EF GetCertifiedGetAhead WPA2 49 Of the following choices, what is the MOST likely explanation of these entries?
    The AP is being pharmed
    An evil twin is in place.
    .A rogue AP is in place.
    Power of the AP needs to be adjusted.
  • Q9
    A user wants to reduce the threat of an attacker capturing her personal information while she surfs the Internet. Which of the following is the BEST choice?
    Anti-spyware software
    Antivirus software
    Pop-up blocker
  • Q10
    Which of the following protocols is commonly used by the traceroute utility?
  • Q11
    After Maggie turned on her computer, she saw a message indicating that unless she made a payment, her hard drive would be formatted. What does this indicate?
    Armored Virus
  • Q12
    You maintain a training lab with 18 computers. You have enough rights and permissions on these machines so that you can configure them as needed for classes. However, you do not have the rights to add them to your organization’s domain. Which of the following choices BEST describes this example?
    Separation of Duties
    User-Based Privileges
    Least Privilege
  • Q13
    You are helping your organization create a security policy for incident response. Of the following choices, what is the BEST choice to include when an incident requires confiscation of a physical asset?
    Keep a record of everyone who took possession of the physical asset
    Ensure hashes are taken first
    Maintain the order of volatility
    Ensure witnesses sign an AUP
  • Q14
    A network administrator needs to ensure the company’s network is protected against smurf attacks. What should the network administrator do?
    Install flood guards
    Ensure protocols use timestamps and sequence numbers
    Verify border routers block directed broadcasts.
    Use salting techniques
  • Q15
    What cloud-based service provides you with hardware, but still requires you to setup, configure, and manage the software?
    Hybrid Cloud

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