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Cyber Security

Quiz by GCSE Computer Science Teacher 3

Computer Science
English National Curriculum

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English National Curriculum


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14 questions
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  • Q1
    What is cyber security?
    Ensuring that the government can access everyone online activity
    The techniques of protecting computers and networks unauthorised access or cyber attacks
    When someone attempts to gain unauthorised access or cause damage to a computer or network
    Restricting childrens access to age appropriate web pages and apps
  • Q2
    What are audit trails used for?
    Ensuring your computer isn't infected by virus
    Maintaining security and for recovering lost data
    Ensuring your computer is secure from white hat hackers
    Ensuring the trail of computer energy flow
  • Q3
    Why is cyber security becoming more challenging?
    As more information is being held online, there are more areas to exploit
    There is not enough money being invested in cyber security
    There are less people working in cyber secuirty
    The number of hackers are reducing
  • Q4
    Why are cloud based services targeted for hacking?
    Because they now store so much personal informaiton
    Because you can then access everyone computers
    Because they are easier to hack
    Because these companies make so much money
  • Q5
    What is a common piece of software that individuals can use to protect their own computer from cyber attacks?
    A firewall
    Anti Virus Software
    Microsoft Office
    Password lock boxes

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