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Quiz by riley

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  • Q1

    What of the following is NOT an example of cyberbullying?

    Taking or posting a picture of someone without their permission

    Sending a mean text

    Pushing someone at school

  • Q2

    You are friends with someone online but have never met them in person, they start messaging you things that make you feel uncomfortable. What should you do?

    Try to ignore it and hope they leave you alone

    Reply to them! You don't want to hurt their feelings

    Block them, or tell a parent or responsible person you trust

  • Q3

    Someone who you thought was your friend posts a photo of you making a funny face without your permission with a mean comment. What do you do?

    Try to ignore it, even though you don't like it

    Ask them to remove it. If they don’t listen, tell a parent or responsible person you trust about it

    Comment saying something nasty back. They did it to you!

  • Q4

    You tell a friend a secret and they comment on your post about it publicly for everyone to see.

    Start a fight with them

    Reply back with personal information about them or a secret they have told you

    Delete their comment and remind them it was a secret and not public information

  • Q5

    What should you do if you realise you have been cyberbullying someone

    Ignore it and move on

    Keep doing what you're doing, maybe it wasn't that mean

    Stop what you're doing, delete anything negative you have posted or commenting about them online and apologise to them and see if they are ok.

  • Q6

    If you see someone being cyberbullied online, what should you do?

    Seek revenge and argue back to the cyberbullies

    Nothing, it's none of your business

    Take screenshots as evidence but do not share it around. Ask the person if they are ok and if they need help to report it


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