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Quiz by Luke Hanson

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  • Q1
    What is cyberbullying?
    Posting a picture on Instagram
    Bullying that occurs online, through phones, or on social media
    Using a phone to call your friend
    Bullying someone with robotic limbs
  • Q2
    Who can you turn to if you're being cyberbullied?
    Parents, teachers, friends, or any trusted adults
    Your dog
    The bully
  • Q3
    How can we be eSafe?
    Put e in front of safe
    Create an online environment that is safe, supportive and inclusive
    Adding strangers online
    Creating an Instagram account for your cat
  • Q4
    How do some jokes, not stay jokes?
    People can take offence to even well-meaning comments about themselves
    They get overused and stop being funny
    When they're told in person rather than online
    When the joke is racist
  • Q5
    Can cyberbullying happen to anyone?
    No, only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
    No, only overweight people
    No, only white people
  • Q6
    Should you bully the cyberbully back?
    No, you should never compromise your morals for a bully
    No, you should kill them instead
    Yes, they deserve it
    Yes, you can be as mean as you want when someone is mean to you
  • Q7
    What does the online world offer?
    A tummy ache
    Engagement and education

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