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CYP2020 The Class Play

Quiz by James A Senneff

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Ed and Amanda talk about “Beauty and the Beast” at lunch. It is the new class play. Their class will perform the play next month. WHAT ARE ED AND AMANDA EXCITED ABOUT?
    the class play
    next month
  • Q2
    Amanda wants to make the costumes. She thinks sewing will be a peaceful, quiet job. WHAT IS AMANDA GOOD AT?
    being quiet
    being peaceful
    sewing costumes
  • Q3
    Ed has been in plays before. He wants to try out for the Beast. “I’m the best actor in our class,” he tells Amanda. “I should get that part.” WHAT PART DOES ED WANT?
    Iron Man
    the Beast
  • Q4
    Ed doesn’t get the part. “I don’t care about this play,” he says. WHY IS ED ANGRY?
    his name isn't really Ed
    he doesn't like the Beast
    he is sick
    he didn't get the part
  • Q5
    “You can do other things,” Amanda says. “You like art. Why don’t you paint the scenery?” Ed is not sure. WHAT IS AMANDA'S IDEA?
    Ed could do painting.
    Ed could get a life.
    Ed could look at art.
    Ed could be the Beast.
  • Q6
    Ed takes her advice. He paints the scenery with some other students. They all cooperate, or work together, to finish the job. Ed paints a huge castle and a forest. His classmates clap when they see it. WHAT DID ED PAINT?
    a castle and students
    a castle and a forest
    a castle and Amanda
    a picture of the Beast
  • Q7
    “Thanks for the great idea,” he tells Amanda. “This play was a lot of fun.” HOW DID ED FEEL ABOUT THE PLAY NOW?
    it was fun
    he didn't go to the play
    he hated it
    it was boring

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