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Daily Life in the Roman Empire

Quiz by Rhonda Burkhardt

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    The population of the city of Rome when the empire was at full strength
    about 10 million.
    nearly one million.
    nearly five million.
    about 15 million.
  • Q2
    The Romans worshipped
    many gods.
    one god.
  • Q3
    Poor Romans ate
    fancy foods such as snails.
    food cooked in thermopolia.
    the same foods as the wealthy.
    food cooked in their kitchens.
  • Q4
    Which of these describes a student at a Roman school?
    a rich boy using a stylus to copy down lessons
    a rich boy learning leather working
    a poor boy in a shop learning metalworking
    an educated slave working as a tutor
  • Q5
    Most people in the Roman Empire lived in
    apartment buildings.
    the city.
    the country.
  • Q6
    What is the best description of the Forum?
    Only senators could gather there.
    Foreigners were not allowed there.
    Only soldiers could gather there.
    Merchants and craftspeople worked there.
  • Q7
    What was one feature of housing for the poor in Rome?
    an indoor pool
    apartment buildings
    an atrium
  • Q8
    The best description of country life in the Roman Empire is...
    The rich and poor had very different ways of living.
    All Roman citizens owned and farmed their own land.
    Wealthy estate owners went to the country to escape cold weather.
    Everyone except slaves enjoyed an easy life.
  • Q9
    In Roman families, a husband became a paterfamilias when
    he turned 18 years old.
    his oldest son married.
    his own father died.
    he became a new father.
  • Q10
    Where would a Roman have gone to watch chariot races?
    the Circus Maximus
    the Colosseum
    the Forum
    the garden at a bath
  • Q11
    The main foods in ancient Rome included
    vegetables and meats.
    porridge and cheese.
    bread and beans.
    all are correct
  • Q12
    Which statement is true about Roman women?
    They were not allowed to run businesses.
    They became adults when they married.
    They became adults in a special ceremony.
    They were not allowed to buy and sell property.
  • Q13
    What did farmers raise on the empire’s farms?
    all are correct
  • Q14
    The center of most of the important public activities in Rome was
    the Colosseum.
    the villa.
    the Forum.
    the atrium.
  • Q15
    Which of the following would be a recreational activity for a wealthy Roman?
    fighting wild animals in the Colosseum
    taking part in a chariot race
    fighting in the Colosseum
    attending a musical performance

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