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Daily Starters "The Wild World of Extreme Weather"

Quiz by Leigh Kinlaw Shaw

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    All the chapters in Part One describe
    hot and cold weather
    the difference between weather and climate
    record-breaking weather events
    dangerous weather events
  • Q2
    On which of the following pages would you be most likely to find a definition of dust storm?
    page 281
    page 15
    page 3
    page 123
  • Q3
    Tornado hunters are people who try to find tornadoes just as the storms form. In which section would you be most likely to find a description of how they find storms?
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 5
  • Q4
    Which of the following text features is most likely to be on page 50?
    a photograph of a flooded city
    a map showing desert regions on Earth
    a graph comparing winter temperatures
    a diagram of the characteristics of lightning

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