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Danger! Review

Quiz by Valerie Parrack

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    Why are there astronauts living on a volcano?
    They are researching health risks of high altitudes.
    They are just chilling.
    They are studying how people react to spending time in space.
    They are building rockets.
  • Q2
    What makes the trip to Mars especially challenging?
    We don't have the technology.
    Space is too cold.
    Getting supplies to Mars is hard.
    The trip takes 8 months.
  • Q3
    What happens to the human brain when a person is bored for too long?
    It daydreams and can become depressed.
    It sleeps.
    It gets smarter.
    It becomes unconscious.
  • Q4
    Why is chronic boredom dangerous when traveling to space?
    Astronauts could get tired of the crew they are working with.
    Astronauts might decide to go home.
    Astronauts could take risks that jeopardize their safety.
    Astronauts could quit taking care of themselves.
  • Q5
    What is one way to combat boredom when isolated?
    Occupying your time with a lot of work.
    Counting the days until you can go home.
    Eating more.
    Communicating with people more.
  • Q6
    What does chronic mean?
    continuing for a long time
    starting in the brain
    causing pain
    happening since birth
  • Q7
    If I have an excruciatingly painful injury, what is true?
    I can still play sports despite my pain.
    The pain comes and goes.
    The main is very intense.
    The pain comes and goes.
  • Q8
    If I become bored during the monotony of chores, what bothers me?
    the low pay
    the difficulty
    the unexpected tasks
    The lack of variety
  • Q9
    In Danger it's stated that the astronauts are carefully chosen and they are the best and the brightest applicants. Why are they given psychological evaluations?
    To see if they can mentally handle the challenge of an 8 month trip to Mars.
    To determine if they can handle the physical tasks.
    To see if they can be away from their family.
    To decide if they are willing to listen to their lead officer.
  • Q10
    During inactivity, why is boredom is a problem?
    Astronauts become argumentative and uncooperative.
    The brain wants something to do.
    The body loses muscle mass.
    People lose interest in their work.
  • Q11
    Why is the space outpost in Antartica interesting to space scientists?
    The outpost is difficult to get to.
    The outpost is appealing to adventurers.
    The outpost is isolated and a high risk environment.
    The outpost is cold and dark.
  • Q12
    How does the author support her ideas?
    Dreams and Visions
    Second hand information and rumors
    Facts, Statistics, Quotes from Experts
    Personal Opinions, Biased Arguments
  • Q13
    Submarine is formed by adding "sub" to "marine" to literally means "under the ocean". Which is the best definition of a submarine?
    A voyage that crosses the ocean.
    An animal that lives in the ocean.
    A vessel that travels under the ocean.
    A ship that is part of the ocean fleet.
  • Q14
    Which of the following is a transition?
    For instance
    The 2013 class
    To be
    Go Through
  • Q15
    Why is Danger! considered informative writing?
    It states pros and cons
    It addresses an important topic.
    It provides facts and details.
    It is written by a journalist.

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